Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Emite Make Up eyeshadow in Nect review

When I saw in my Glossybox Emite eyeshadow in Nect I thought there was no way I was gonna like it.
I didn't know the brand and the shade didn't appeal to my taste at all. Yet I did give it a go...

So the shade is a very shimmery ivory, which is neither frosty nor glittery. 
The consistency is amazing. The shadow feels and goes on like butter. It's a very fair colour, so it doesn't show that much, but it's madly pigmented. One swipe does the job perfectly well.

This is not a shade that I would use all over my lid due to its shade and super shimmery finish. This is also not a shadow that is of primary importance in any beginners make-up collection, as it is not a base colour, but a highlight. It looks amazing in the inner corner or (used in moderation) on the brow bone. Because of its buttery smoothness it gives just this gorgeous sheen that comes to play in certain lighting conditions.
It also looks amazing when layered on top of dark eyeshadows, just in the centre of the lid to add this lovely glow there.

What's more, I discovered that this eyeshadow can also be used as a face product, to highlight the cheekbone area. It adds such a pretty moonlit glow to my face!

In my excitement I forgot to mention that the packaging is also very pretty. It's small and lightweight, made of good quality plastic with a see-through window in the lid that enables you to see the shade inside. Simple and convenient.   

I thought that I might like to explore the brand further but I hit a dead wall there. There are no local distributors here, but that doesn't normally stop me. The only website selling Emite products seems to be the manufacturer's one, all in Swedish with translation available through Google Translate. I wasn't able to figure out the prices, terms and conditions, postage etc as once I demanded the translation of the site, it froze. Well, not worth my time and effort. There are other brands that await exploration are easier to get.

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