Wednesday, 29 January 2014

project empties #9

1. ORLY nailpolish in ROYAL VELVET was a lovely blue-purple duochrome. Unfortunately quite sheer, needed plenty of coats to achieve the opacity I wanted.
2. TOO FACED SHADOW INSURANCE is my absolute favourite eyeshadow primer. I used this sample tube for almost a year. Will repurchase ASAP.
3. SEPHORA DAILY MAKE UP BRUSH CLEANER a very effective brush sanitizer. Spray, wipe and the brush is ready to use again within minutes (as soon as the alcohol contained in the spray evaporates)
4. CHANEL POUDRE UNIVERSELLE COMPACTE was a drugstore-quality high-end product. Don't buy it. It does nothing to your skin that Rimmer or Maybelline wouldn't do.
5. MAYBELLINE DREAM MAT POWDER isn't used up fully yet, but with a hole in the centre my full, fluffy brush doesn't pick the product evenly. This was a very nice finishing powder. It did what it was suposed to so and didn't cost a fortune. 
6. SOAP & GLORY SEXY MOTHER PUCKER GLOSS STICK in NUDIST was quite a disappointment for me as I'd expected something more pigmented. I ended up using it at home as one of my favourite lip balms.
7. SEPHORA ATOMIC VOLUME MASCARA is one of the worst mascaras ever. I didn't like the shape of the wand and the results. It wasn't volumising at all and crumbled horribly. 
8. I returned to my SMASHBOX LIMITLESS LIP STAIN in SANGRIA as it suited my mood for dark wine colours well. Pity I can never get even application using lip stains. The colour was great, though, so I used up whatever was left in this marker-style pen.

1. BIOTHERM Aquasource Non-stop SOS emergency hydration mask was a lovely hydrating mask. Smelled so nice and left my face feeling refreshed and nourished.
2. PALMERS Natural Bronzer gave a surprisingly strong tan as for a moisturising bronzing lotion. Unfortunately the tan was orange and my body smelled gross.
3. ALTERNA Bamboo volume shampoo was all right, definitely added volume to my hair, but nothing to write home about. Too expensive.
4. NIVEA AQUA SENSATION DAY CREAM was a decent, lightweight moisturiser for oily skin, though it didn't mattify enough. I used this cream on my no mae-up days.
5. TONI & GUY finishing hair spray added nice shine to my hair without making it feel greasy. Unfortunately it seems that this product is no longer available.
6. THE BODY SHOP Seaweed Clarifying Toner was a lovely toner for my skin type. No irritations, no unwanted dryness.  
7. Tolpa Dermoface micellar solution didn't do much to remove my mascara, but otherwise it worked fine. I bought it mostly to remove fall out from under my eyes when I applied my eye make-up. Very cheap and served its purpose well.
8. L'Oreal Ideal Soft micellar solution is often called a dupe for Bioderma. I really don't know how it is possible to compare micellar solutions and call them dupes. They're all so similar. Some of them are more effective at dealing with mascara and some are less and that's all. I recently heard the blogger Lily Pebbles say that there's some kind of oily slip to L'Oreal Ideal Soft and believe me, I have no idea what she was talking about. I've used up 2 or 3 bottles of this and never noticed. Of course, we might conceive a conspiracy theory that L'Oreal Poland wanted to make savings on us Poles and did not add an ingredient or two to lower the cost of production, but I don't think so. The only thing I really didn't like about this product is the packaging. The opening in this bottle is so big that tons of liquid flow out once you slightly tilt the bottle. You need to get used to it and control how much you take, otherwise the whole bottle will last for maximum 20 applications. 

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