Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Skincare and haircare disappointments of 2013

Today I'll mention a couple of disappointing products of the year 2013. Before I go on, I'd like to make it clear that the products listed below are by no means dramatically bad products. I found them disappointing because they didn't work for me, they were overhyped or overpriced. 

The winner in this category is definitely the famous Eve Lom Cleanser. This is an extremely expensive make-up remover that is mineral oil-based. From such a renowned product and brand I expected only luxurious, certified organic oils, but what I got was the ingredient that even the cheapest drugstore brands try to keep away from. Apart from that, the product wasn't as efficient as I expected a cleansing balm to be.

ORIGINS GINZING EYE CREAM received such a number of enthusiastic reviews that I started believing I actually needed it in my life. Unfortunately, it turned out it was luminising and drew attention to my undereye, which I'm trying to conceal, and secondly, it didn't moisturise the area under my eyes enough, which meant dryness-related wrinkles. this is a good cream for girls in their early twenties. 

I bought AVENE CLEANANCE LOTION as a matifying product. This is how it was described on the online pharmacy website I got it from. The thing is that the designation of the product is different, depending on the language in which you read about the product. In French it's for young problematic skin, in English it's for oily skin and in Polish it was supposed to be a mattifier which it isn't. It's quite thick and emolient and doesn't leave my face matte for a second. I like the cream, but it doesn't do what I expected it to do.

I quite liked AUSSIE MIRACLE MOIST shampoo and conditioner, but I just couldn't bear the smell. Full stop.  

STRAIGHT SEXY HAIR  shampoo and conditioner moisturised my hair nicely and left it shiny. They also contributed to keeping ny hair sleek and straight, but the price for this result was flat greasy hair almost immediately after washing. And my hair is normal to dry, mind you. 

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