Monday, 27 January 2014

Make-Up Atelier Paris eyeshadow palette #24

This post is going to be about my greatest make-up discovery of  2013 and the strangest underdog in the make-up business. Make-up Atelier Paris eyeshadow palettes received a number of enthusiastic reviews from influential beauty gurus like Wayne Goss, yet somehow this did not mean a substantial increase in the  popularity of the brand. Before I made my choice I searched for swatches of all the Make-up Atelier 5-pan palettes and I must say these are pretty rare and some palettes aren't swatched and reviewed at all. Finally I picked palette #T24 Urban Grey without reading a single review or seeing any swatches. 

#T24 is a set of four shimmery taupe eyeshadows and one flesh-toned highlight shade. 
All the four taupe eyeshadows come from the same colour family and the main difference between them is that each one is a shade darker than its predecessor, which is the only disadvantage of the palette. 
Shades #2 and #3 are very similar, #3being a tad darker. They're both buttery soft and apply like butter. They are lovely moth brown taupes with slight gray undertone. 
Shades #4 and #5 are darker than the first pair and less buttery. Their texture is harder and drier, which doesn't mean their performance is worse. #4 differs slightly in tone and is browner than the other taupes. #5, obviously the darlest one of the bunch, is a charcoal brown that completes the set perfectly.

All off these shades contain multi-coloured shimmer that comes to play in broad daylight, but the shadows are nowhere near to being frosty or glittery. I have no idea as to how the manufacturer categorises these eyeshadows as this information was missing on the website, but to me they seem like satin finish.They're definitely not matte, but not terribly irridescent either. Very suitable for women of all ages and skin tones.

The texture, the blendability and the colour pay off are incredible. These eyeshadows are like nothing else in my collection, and trust me, I've used products both by very high end brands like Burberry and cheap drugstore ones like Essence and have never ever seen a texture like this. It's really hard to grasp what makes them so different. I guess you need to see to believe. I myself didn't quite know what the reviewers meant when they raved about these eyeshadows. Now I know.

Of curse you can always complain that this palette isn't versatile enough. And you'd be absolutely right. The shades are very similar and there aren't any matte eyeshadows. This palette doesn't give the opportunity to create a plethora of looks, no chance of a pop of colour. But if you're a fanatic of taupe eyeshadows, like me, you'd be perfectly satisfied. I think everyone needs at least one Make-up Atelier palette in their collection, to know what the experience is like, and if you don't like this particular shade selection, you can choose from 25 palettes of different shades and finishes.  

  Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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