Friday, 31 January 2014

MAC paintpots and dupes

I've always loved MAC Paintpots, but with the nearest store so far away from where I live, my collection just couldn't grow. Until recently when MAC finally opened their online shop in Poland. I immediately purchased a number of these, particularly the new matte ones and would like to show them to you. My intention is not only to review them, but also to show some dupes that I found in my stash say which ones I prefer. I find all my Paintpots easy to apply and wear. They all go on very smoothly, offer opaque colour and last all day. 
MAC Paintpot in Camel Coat

CAMEL COAT is a light brown shade with cool, somewhat purple-gray undertones and matte finish. Nice and quiet on its own, but it also makes an excellent base for all kinds of nude eyeshadows. Couldn't find a dupe in my stash. 

MAC Paintpot in Constructivist
CONSTRUCTIVIST is my absolute favourite in this bunch. It's such a lovely shimmery, but not frosty proper brown colour, which doesn't lean too red or orange or gold or gray. It's just brown.
l to r: Sigma Pose, MAC Constructivist, MUFE #14

As you can see in the picture above I found two other similar eyeshadows in my stash, none of which is an exact dupe, but I must admit that Sigma Pose is a very close dupe. It's a bit redder than MAC and the texture is slightly harder. It's also not meant to be worn on its own, the manufacturer trades these as eyeshadow bases, so probalby the wear time is shorter.
Make Up For Ever #14 looks warmer than the other two, more reddish bronze. 

MAC Paintpot in Stormy Pink

STORMY PINK looks like a grayish, pinky purple to me. More purple than pink, with matte finish. A very unique colour. I love wearing it under my taupe eyeshadows to bring out the purple undertones in them.

MAC Stormy Pink v Origins Perky
Origins Perkle is not an exact dupe, but it is pretty similar. They're both unique and both come from the dusty, grayish purple family, but while Stormy Pink is more on the pinky side, the Perkle is closer to lilac undertone. They both go on very smoothly, but Origins seems much sheerer and doesn't offer as much colour payoff as I expected.

MAC Paintpot in Tailor Grey

TAILOR GREY is a taupe eyeshadow with strong gray undertones and matte finish. Being a fan of everything that seems taupe to my eyes, I reach for it to use under my powder eyeshadows to enhance their colour and performance.

MAC Tailor Grey v Maybelline Permanent Taupe 

Tailor Gray is quite similar to Maybelline Permanent Taupe, which is grayer than MAC. The formula of MAC Paintpot is incomparably better. The texture of Permanent Taupe is drier, harder and way more difficult to apply and blend. Even though the Maybelline eyeshadow is way more affordable, I'd still go for its MAC counterpart for the sake of quality and ease of application.

And here go all my MAC Paintpots swatched side by side for comparison:
top row: Painterly, Camel Coat, Tailor Gray
bottom row: Stormy Pink, Constructivist

  Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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