Sunday, 12 January 2014

Make-up disappointments of 2013

And the final post summarising last year in terms of beauty products. Like I said in my previous post, products mentioned below are those I found disappointing, mostly probably because of high expectations connected with them or because I had hoped they would work for me just because they impressed others.

1. BENEFIT STAY FLAWLESS 15 HOUR PRIMER does virtually nothing to prolong or perfect my make up. Not worth the money.
2. HOURGLASS IMMACULATE LIQUID POWDER FOUNDATION is a lovely foundation and I only with the matte effect lasted longer. So many people claimed this foundation kept their oilies at bay all day that I started to believe it would do the same for me. In terms of longevity of the matte effect it is pretty average. Considering that this is probably the most expensive foundation in my possession and one of the hardest to get I don't think it was worth the money and the effort. 
3. I know LAURA MERCIER SILK CREME FOUNDATION is not exactly meant for my skin type, but so many people with oily skins vouchsafesd this foundation did a world of good for them and looked rather healthy satin than oily so I got it. It doesn't work for me at all and what's more it's one of the thickest foundations I've got and I don't quite like it. I'm sure it's a miraculous foundation for those of us with oily skins  who have something to hide.

CHANEL INIMITABLE WATERPROOF MASCARA in BLUE NOTE was difficult to use, the brush hardly picked any product as it seemed to slide off it somehow, the results were far from desired, and it dried out super fast. Meh. 

1. THE BALM NUDETUDE PALETTE is a nude palette which is too warm toned for me. Apart from that a number of shadows are dry and chalky (the matte and glittery ones) and they are very small in size, while the palette itself is rather big.
2.  ORIGINS GINZING cream eyeshadow in PERKLE is a gorgeous shade and it's very soft and silky. What I found disappointing is that it's quite sheer and turns patchy when I try to build it up.
3. SOAP & GLORY SEXY MOTHER PUCKER GLOSS STICKS turned out to be soo sheer that I used them up as glosses, but I bought them to serve as glossy lipsticks.
4. MAYBELLINE VIVIDS lipstick in SHOCKING CORAL disappointed me with its shade. This product is unavailable in Poland, so I had to order online. The swatches made by other bloggers proved highly misleading. The shade is much closer to warm-toned pastel pink than to coral. This doesn't look good on my lips at all.
5. BURBERRY MIDNIGHT BLUE is a gorgeous shade, but the quality of the shadow leaves much to wish for. The colour seems to turn to black when blending, and it generally applies patchily and is not as pigmented as when swatched or seems in the pan. It's not terribly bad, but many drugstore eyeshadows perform much better.
6. MAYBELLINE LASTING DRAMA GEL EYELINER in ULTRA VIOLET dried out completely within about 3 months after opening.  

LE SOFT PERFUME ROCK'N'ROLL PERFUME STICK didn't suit my taste in perfume, but regardless of that, contains only about 1,5 cm of product. Not worth the money.

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