Thursday, 24 April 2014

Easter 2014

Although nobody in our families, except the Great Grandma, is religious we tend to celebrate religious holidays in a traditional way for a couple of reasons. First of all our parents don't want to be left alone when the all families in the country gather together at the table. Secondly, we want to teach our children some elements of the nation's culture, even though it might not appeal to ourselves any longer.
And finally, the boys are always happy to get some surprise gifts on that that, which brightens up the day.

There aren't that many regional differences in Easter traditions in Poland, but the Great Grandma (Mr Hubby's granny) insists on circulating round the table with a hard-boiled egg and force feeding everyone with it, wishing everyone happy Easter, to which my family strongly objects.
This year, instead of starting with Easter breakfast, we gathered at about lunch time, which meant eating both breakfast and dinner at once, which was beyond my capacity. I've said before and I'll say it again, I don't like what my nation's cuisine has on offer and I can't wait to the moment when we've built the house and start inviting my family to Easters and Christmases. I wonder how they'll bear my cooking, though. 

The most popular topic of this Easter was the Warsaw Uprising and who was the evil one during the war- the Germans or the Russians, which made us escape to the garden for fresh air and gave us a second of stupid gaping at the birds and the kids. I realised again that my home is my castle and every time I pop my head out I sort of regret it. I'm not only totally incompatible with the society but also with my own parents.
This year my decision to spend at least one of my Easters somewhere far away reached the maturity stage and now I know that once we've completed all the works on the building site and settled there we're going to Morocco. Or to Turkey or Greece or elsewhere warm and sunny.  

After our Easter meal we decided to see some sights and went to the centre for a walk. The weather was sunny, but icy cold wind chilled us all down. We took some nice photos to commemorate the day and headed home.

On Monday we opened a new geocaching season. We started with our favourite multicache 'Kaszubskie drogowskazy', which might translate as Kashubian milestones and went in search of the hidden treasures cunningly disguised by one of our favourite cachers. 

The geocaching fever has struck us again. Next trips are planned for the 1-4 May.

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