Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mitchell and Peach English Flowers Body Cream review

When I saw this Mitchell and Peach English Flowers body cream in my Glossybox last month I was super excited to try it out. Not that I'd ever heard of the brand, but the English flowers, you know, and something new to pamper myself with ...

What I noticed at first was that the list of ingredients included almost exclusively natural ones with hardly any chemicals at all, many of them were organic and the essential oils came from Mitchell's own farm. Can it get any better than this?

No, actually. This is the only good thing about the product. 
First of all, the body cream is very runny. It's easy to apply, but it sinks in within seconds and leaves my skin feeling as if it was never there. I don't feel it moisturises my skin enough and, mind you, my skin isn't dry at all. I have every reason to believe that for dry skin this may even make matters worse. Alcohol, which is the second ingredient, tends to evaporate and leave skin feeling tight. 

I'd say that this is the kind of moisturiser that can be used in a morning hurry as it sinks in immediately and you can put on your clothes straightaway.  But there's a tiny little hiccup, the scent. English flowers aren't flowery at all, the body cream smells very similar to Aesop Parsley Seed line. It's vegetal, herbal, medicinal but definitely not floral. I can't imagine applying it in the morning and then parading to work smelling as if I incidentally spilt stomach potion all over my body.

So, you must have already guessed that I'm not going to purchase this particular product and my interest in the brand equals zero.

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