Saturday, 5 April 2014

Glossybox March 2014

It seems I have forgotten to report what I got in my Glossybox in March while the April one is about to arrive!
Guess what I found in my box! A toothpaste! Glossybox claimed it was an extra gift and bless them for that, the Colgate Max White would have been nice if it hadn't left my washbasin covered in blue marks from undissolved granules, but is it really compatible with the idea of a box of slightly more luxurious treats to try out?
Apart from that I found the stuff inside pretty useful, even though not particularly glamorous.
Here go the goodies, in order of my satisfaction level:
1. The Body Shop Blueberry  Shower Gel - I love getting products from TBS and this one makes my skin feel soooo smooth. I thought all their shower gels had the same formula, but different scent, but this one seems way more moisturising and smoothing than the other ones I've tried.
2. Syoss Keratin Style Perfection  Mousse - I'm not a fan of Syoss, but since my hair has become rather greasy lately, I've started using mousses again, so I'll be glad to give it a try.
3. Lierac Hydra Chrono Nourishing Cream - instead of splurging on expensive skincare I have the opportunity to test something more high-end.
4. Mitchell and Peach Body Cream - never heard of the brand, but body creams are always welcome.
5. Clarena Caviar Face Peeling - I don't particularly like the brand, but keep getting their products, nonetheless I appreciate getting a face scrub. 
6. Calvin Klein down Town sample - seems nice, though I haven't tested it thoroughly yet.
7. And the aforementioned Colgate toothpaste.

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