Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ardell #401 Edgy false lashes review

I ordered my new Ardell 401 Edgy lashes because they looked like exactly what I needed to make my eyes more feline, but they turned out to be rather intimidating for me, though not without their merits.
I thought it best to review these in terms of pros and cons.

I'll start with the cons as they seem more apparent to me.

These lashes are really over the top. They look like drag-make-up staple. They're way too obvious, the lashes are so shiny that they look plactic and reflect light unnaturally. They look like raven wings more than like lashes.
The strip is clear, but it's still pretty visible and looks like white fishing rope.  
Glue is not provided.

And now for the pros:
These lashes are very dramatic and I like the design with those accented edges. They are too obvious in real life, but looked gorgeous on photos where I experimented with pin-up costume looks. And I'm keeping them for photo shoots.
The band is very flexible and makes the lashes easy to apply and adhere properly. 
In spite of the lashes being heavy and the strip thick 401s are comfortable to wear.

And one more thing, I had no issues with silicone provided by the manufacturer to stick the lashes to the packaging flooding the actual lashes, which was the case with some other lashes I'd used. 

Overall, these are nice special purpose lashes, but I don't see myself wearing these for New Year's party or dinner out.

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