Sunday, 15 February 2015

Korean goodies: Cleomee Three-layer Perfume Body Oil Mist and Natural Donkey Oil review

In two of my Memeboxes I got two products by Cleomee, both containing donkey oil, so I thought I'd review them collectively. 

The Three-layer Perfume Donkey Oil Mist was featured in OMG3 box and is definitely a very weird product. This is a fairly runny liquid that comes in a spray bottle, when standing still it separates into three layers, the function of which remains unexplained. I gather that they're donkey oil, milk and fragrance.
I absolutely hate spraying oils (hair oils included) as this messes the bathroom and makes the floor extremely slippery and accident prone. So what I do is spray these onto my palms and distribute as if they were regular liquid products. 
And here some major problems appear. Donkey Mist Oil is very runny and it's hard to contain it in my palm. Secondly the artificially coloured green part stains my hand green.  And thirdly it doesn't moisturise my body at all. I don't have the list of ingredients, but I sense a high content of alcohol. Normally I don't mind , but this time I feel this is really too much. 
There's some quite pleasant scent to this mist, but I don't think it's strong enough to deserve the name 'perfume mist'.
This is a truly gimmicky product  that retails for $59!!!! Don't waste this sort of money on this thing as it's certainly not worth it. 

The other product by the same brand arose my suspicions with the sticker over the product name on the box. Such things always make me feel the products are some lower quality or defective factory outlet goods. But the packaging inside was all right, so I suppose they just used the cardboard box which was initially prepared for othe products.

This donkey oil is actually much better than the perfumed donkey mist. 
It's a semi-thick, fast-absorbing face/body oil. This one is unscented which means there's this kind of weird, stale, fatty natural smell to it.
The pump applicator distributes the right amount of product for effortless application.
I'm not a great fan of body oils, they feel too heavy on the skin and make my skin itch, but if you like these, and are not a vegan or a vegetarian, I would consider getting this oil, as long as the hefty price tag doesn't take you aback. 


  1. How much does the second oil moisturize?

    1. I'd say pretty well, but it's rather heavy on the skin. It treated severe dryness on my sons' hands. I haven't used this on my face, though.