Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Korean goodies: Memebox January Box (aka Memebox Global #19) unboxing

I'd been suffering from a kind of Memebox overdose, but when I heard that they're no longer offering international shipping I felt kind of sad and my last but one box turned out to be exceptionally precious for me. And even this aside, January Box (it's no longer called Memebox Global) is a very well curated variety box containing mostly skincare which is both us practical and usable. 

1. THE CHOUTE Aurora Pearl Base is a hydrating highlighting primer which has a distinct rosy sheen, which I was unable to capture in my photos. It absorbs fast and doesn't look or feel greasy even on my oily skin. It's a great make-up base for everyone.

2. SECRET NATURE Moringa Seed Toner is my absolute favourite find. Not only am I a great fan of anything by the brand, but also this particular product comes in this superclassy glass bottle and is a lovely moisturising toner that is super gentle on my skin and leaves it soooo soft! Contains moringa seed, hibiscus flower and fermented lotis flower extracts!

3. PUREPLUS+ Acai Berry Magic Bubble Cleansing Foam. The name is quite self-explanatory. Love Korean foam cleansers, so I'm pretty sure I'll use this one up.

4. ESTHETIC HOUSE Vitamin 3000 Vitamin C Vita Capsule Cream is the most interesting one. It promises to tackle dark spots and hyperpigmentation and reduce the appearance of pores. Can be used on its own over trouble areas or mixed with skincare of choice.

5. MIMI LAURYNE"S Beauty Lesson Hand Cream looks nice, but it's the least interesting item for me. Mine comes in Rose Fleur and claims to provide my hands with moisture bue to the content of macadamia seed oil.

The two last products, marked as items 6 and 7 are actually samples of two products by Syndrome Cosmetic. 
CB Revitalising Fermentation Essence contains bifida and galactomyces for skin renewal. Feels like sheer water on the face, using the two samples didn't encourage me to buy a full size product for $58.

CB Cream Gold promises to whiten and brighten the face instantly while providing moisture and anti-wrinkling effects. This stuff is horrible. It does whiten indeed but that's because it's the same shade and thickness as toothpaste. Made my face look as if I was attempting to achieve some kind of Halloween look. What's more, it was sooo thick that it was hard to blend and refused to absorb for quite a while. For the first time in my life I had to actually wash a skincare item off my face.  

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