Friday, 13 February 2015

Benefit Majorette cream blush review & swatches

I have oily skin and that's why me and cream blushes don't go together. They apply unevenly, fade quickly, accentuate my pores and make my cheeks look greasy.

But not the new generation of cream-to-powder formulas, a number of which we saw released in 2014.
One of the best examples is Benefit Majorette blush.

Stangely enough, this incredibly successful product comes in only one shade which is an orangey peach which theoretically should suit warmer skin tones better, but looks great on me as well, especially when I'm a bit tanned.
One of the main selling points of this blush is undeniably its packaging. It's quite bulky, so it's going to occupy a lot of space in your make-up drawer, but it's worth its squarew centimetre or two.
It comes in a small plastic compact of the same colour as the blush, with a kind of frill around it and a small mirror hidden in the lid.
On top of the lid you can see the gorgeous vintage print and a silhouette of a majorette. 

The blush itself is dome-shaped and emossed with a pattern which looks like sun to me, and which of course disappeared quickly in the course of using the product. The product is also lightly fruity scented, which may be a drawback for some, but for me it only adds to the pleasure of using the blush.

 Many people prefer to dab cream blushes with their fingers, but for me the best method us to pat it on with a dense foundation brush and then blend the edges, but avoid overblending cause this can only lead to bald patches here and there. The texture is slightly spongey, but the brush picks up the product really well. During blending the cream formula turns to velvet powder and looks great on my skin. The product is pigmented, but doesn't make you look like a clown in an instant, you can rather build it up to achieve the intensity you want. If you do overapply, just run your foundation brush across your cheeks and all the excess will disappear. 

Benefit Majorette is a beautiful product in all respects and I keep reaching for it all the time. I can recommend it for all skin types and tones except women of colour perhaps as it might look pastel light on really dark skin. I hope Benefit will come up with some more shades of these!


  1. This looks so adorable! I really wish they made more shades, especially since its so great :) Have you tried the benefit lip and cheek tints ?
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    1. It's gorgeous, isn't it? Yes, I've tried their Benetint but it didn't work for me at all, especially on the lips. But I think it's my lip-specific issue as no tints seem to cling to my lips and look very patchy.