Friday, 6 February 2015

Korean goodies: The Face Shop Milk Plus and Mizon Grapefruit body washes

I'm not a person who would splurge on shower gels, let alone order some from Korea. I believe their primary function is to wash my body and I don't expect them to do anything else. If I need moisture, I reach for after-bath products like body butters or lotions.

However, I must admit that the two body washes from Korea made a great impression on me. 
Both the Mizon and the Face Shop one have the same consistency and pearly look. They're quite thick and foam well, but not extremely well, glide on the skin heavenly leaving it noticeably smoother, as if enveloped in a kind of film. I don't have dry skin and for me they definitely replace a moisturiser, but I can't say if this is enough for those of us with dry skin, but I'm sure any of these body washes would make a nice first step towards skin comfort.

The only thing I don't quite like is the scent of neither of them. I like my body products to be heavily scented to make my skin smell nice after taking a bath.
Mizon has this barely there citrusy fragrance, and the smell of chemicals peeks through. Not terribly unpleasant, but definitely my body leaves the bath unfragranced.
The Face Shop Milk smells like savon Marseille, which is not my favourite at all, I like vintage but not the uncouth vintage of this kind.

So I must say that even though I like both of these a lot, I'm not planning to repurchase any of them cause they don't fulfil all my requirements.   

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