Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Korean goodies: CNKCOS Multi Cleanser Color Bean review

CNKCOS Multi Cleanser Color Bean is  one of those incredible gimmicky finds I love Memebox for. These are hard powder balls with multiple cleansing functions out of which I chose double cleansing for my face.
I wet one bean with water, then crush it and mix with water to create some sort of cement-like paste and massage my face with it. This sort of foams a little bit and removes all traces of make-up really well. I don't feel this is as drying as many Korean foam cleansers are, but I have oily skin and hardly anything feels drying on me.
The beans come in slightly different shades of gray and according to the totally incomprehensible pictograms on the box they're meant to serve different purposes, but I believe we're clearly meant to ignore these as I don't think it's possible to dig the bean you want without spilling them all out first. And moreover, I've been using them at random and haven't noticed any difference.

This product is definitely not the fuss-free cleanser, but you can get used to dissolving those little beans in water and applying paste to your face.  
It needs to be said that there's one use that might prove this strange product irreplaceable. When you need to travel light and especially when taking hand luggage only, this thing can help you reduce weight and size substantially if you take just as many beans as you need and nobody is going to question the amount of liquid you're taking on board with you.

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