Thursday, 26 February 2015

Korean goodies: The Face Shop Mini Pet Sweet hand cream review

The Face Shop Mini Pet Sweet hand cream's main asset is its packaging.  
The hand cream comes in this gorgeous little kawaii-style pot which may not be practical but looks great next to my laptop and I keep reaching for it whenever the need arises. 
The hand cream itself has nice lightweight consistency, absorbs quickly and makes my hands feel soft and moisturised, but not greasy. This is the kind of hand cream that will not leave marks on your computer keyboard nor make your hands slip off the steering wheel. 
But on the other hand, this is not a heavy-duty hand cream that tackles my husband's cracking cuticles, especially in the cold weather like now.
To be honest, this fun packaging is the only reason why this cream is worth ordering from Korea. I'm going to keep it as one of the many objects that clutter my space and make me happy.  

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