Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Korean goodies: Derma House Peeling Gel review

This Derma House Peeling Gel with Coenzyme Q10 and Ginseng Extract is one of those lovely finds you can get in Memeboxes and which makes them worth splurging on. 

I'm not entirely certain why this product is called a gel because it's a kind of non-thick cream with small and soft granules embedded in it. This is a perfect exfoliator for everyday use, never too harsh or abrasive, never causing skin irritation. It makes my face feel smooth and polished and looks more radiant. Even the pores seem smaller. 
My nose senses the scent of propolis (I'm a granddaughter of a beekeper, I know what I'm talking about), but there's no mention of that on the leaflet.  

This is an excellent product and I'm seriously considering repurchasing, but for the time being I've got a great number of similar products in my Memebox stash, perhaps they're even better, who knows?    

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