Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer in Big Bang and Lip Velvet in Burning Lava review & swatches

I've had this Rimmel Apocalips lip laquer in Big Bang for years, but have never warmed to it, so it hasn't received a review, until now. The reason why I've finally decided to voice my opinion is that I've just bought its matte counterpart and thought it a good idea to compare these two.

Rimmel Apocalyps are super intense, fully opaque lip glosses which go on smoothly and apply evenly, without any streaks and patches. The problem with these is that there was so much hype about them when they first arrived that I expected something more. The're not prolonged wear lip products, don't last all day, they're not bleed/smudge/budge proof at all. They never set, they transfer onto anything, but last decently long if you don't eat, drink, kiss, touch your lips etc. A lip liner is recommended to prevent bleeding. I also find the scent quite off-putting.

Big Bang is by far the most beautiful shade within the range, strangely enough unavailable in Poland. It's a bold bright red, the kind of red which is right in the middle between warm and cool tones, which makes it the unique kind of shade which suits everyone. It looks glossy at first, but within about 30 minutes it changes to a more satin finish which isn't matte, but doesn't remind of a lip gloss either.

It's a nice product, the price tag is definitely wallet-friendly, the shade is amazing and the application effortless. It's just that it doesn't withstand the competition of more higher-end or more long-lasting products in my stash.

Last year Rimmel came out with a matte variation of these lip laquers. Packaged in the same kind of tube with the same doe foot applicator, they differ by the frosty finish to the tube.

The shade I picked is a beautiful dark, slightly vampy red which suits autumn/winter moods perfecly. It applies just as smoothly and pigmented as its glossier counterpart and its finish is not as matte as matte can be. To be honest, there isn't that much of a difference between the teo finishes as the glossy one isn't really glossy and the matte one isn't fully matte. The good thing is that this lipstick doesn't tend to dry out my lips or accentuate any imperfections.

I tried using this over lip liners to prolong its wear time, to no avail. But I noticed that blotting does make it look more matte and stay put for a longer time. It also made more transfer-proof.

All in all these are decent lipsticks, but they smudge and transfer so much that I never feel comfortable wearing them for fear of sporting a red moustache kind of look or parading with red lipstick smeared all around my mouth. Those whose teeth tend to pick up lipstick should definitely stay away from these too.

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