Saturday, 28 February 2015

Korean goodies: Miguhara B.P. Cream review

I got this Miguhara B.P Cream in my Thumbs Up Memebox. It was supposed to be Memefasns favourite, but i'd never heard about and was quite sceptical about it.
According to the description B P stands for a combination of a BB cream and a primer. Well, calling this a matte BB cream would be a bit of exaggeration as it's too sheer to offer any kind of coverage, but I do admit that on good skin days, when you don't need any foundation at all, it offers this veil of perfection on the skin's surface.
Such good skin days are rare in my case, so I mostly use this as a primer. This is a silicony primer that fills in the pores and mattifies my face without drying it out. My skin looks instantly perfected and this primer creates a perfect canvas for foundations, especially the glowier ones.   

The only drawback of this primer is that although it offers instant matte finish and silky smoothness, it doesn't control sebum production.  My oilies break through just as they normally would and I'm not sure whether this prolongs the wear time of my foundations or not as I normally use high quality foundations which tend to stay put no matter what.

But all in all, this is currently my favourite primer and I really do appreciate how it makes my face look and feel and how easy it is to apply foundation on top of it.

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