Thursday, 20 November 2014

Korean goodies: Finco Body Toner Essence review

I received this Finco Body Toner Essence in my  Memebox Special #21 Hair & Body 3. This product represents an entirely different concept of body care. Different from our western lotions and body butters.

This body product is a clear gel which turns watery upon contact with skin. There's some slip at the moment of application, but it sinks in instantly.

This is a perfect product to use after a morning shower. It's easy to use in a hurry due to its pump for convenient distribution and fast absorption, which means you can put your clothes on straightaway. It's also got nice, fresh, quite zesty scent.
I don't have any skin issues, so I enjoyed this product, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with dry skin. It might not be comforting enough if not even drying.

I believe this is a great product for summertime. Light and refreshing. In winter I think I would prefer to use something more moisturising and not as watery.

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