Monday, 17 November 2014

Korean goodies: Too Cool For School Gel Mist review

I had never been a fan of face mists until this summer.  I'd always believed they made my face more dewy, which in practice meant more oily. There are a couple of very simple reasons why I started experimenting with these more and now they're a part of my skincare routine and also serve as a refreshment during the day.
I got this Too Cool For School Gel Mist from Moi Sanom in our Korean beauty swap. She'd suffered some unpleasant reaction to this mist and didn't want to keep it so this thing landed under my roof quite unexpectedly. The packaging looked 'too cool' to lie in a drawer so I just had to use this. The second reason was that during an extremely hot summer like the last one spraying water on the face brought relief just like rain would. And the finally, using this mist as the third step of my skincare routine, after oil and gel cleansing, but before any essence or mooisturiser, reflects my increased interest in proper skincare, highly inspired by my Memebox findings.  

There isn't much to say. The results are not spectacular. You don't notice any amazing improvement in your skin condition, you don't miss this if you forget to spritz your skin every now and then. But using this mist means refreshment, hydration and comfort. The texture is watery gel which dries in a non-sticky way which settles on the skin in small drops, without ruining the make-up. This gel brought relief and comfort to the skin on hot summer days and continued to be my obsession until I used it up.   

The packaging is really cute, but I would appreciate it if the pump sprayed a finer stream of water, more mist, less spray-like. 


  1. I am glad it didnt give you any reactions! My eyes are really sensitive though :(