Sunday, 2 November 2014

Rimmel Provocalips 16HR Kiss Proof Lip Colour review

Lip combos like the Rimmel Provocalips I'm about to review today have been on and off the market for decades. I remember using one, which might actually have been by Rimmel, back in my school days in the 90s. For some reason the concept never caught on, but it's worth noting that these lipsticks have been making their reappearance since last year's launch of these long wearing lipsticks by Make Up For Ever. 

So, let me tell you a couple of words about the idea behind Rimmel Provocalips and their likes. These are extremely opaque and pigmented liquid lipsticks on one side and a clear gloss on the other. Both come with the standard doe foot applicator which distributes the product evenly and precisely.
What you need to do is to apply the lipstick first, then wait a moment and add the clear gloss which unlike other glosses seals the lipstick instead of melting it. It adds shine and also prevents the lips from drying. The gloss can be reapplied whenever needed to bring back the comfort to the lips.

I initially picked 1 shade, but after trying it out I ordered 3 more, one of which turned out to be a bit too warm toned to suit me, so I passed one on to my friend. 
730 Make Your Move is a beautiful nude, slightly mauvey shade with the slightest amount of underlying golden shimmer. A good nude is hard to find, they're either too pink or too brown or too peachy and a great many of them wash me out. This one doesn't and it looks perfect on my lips. 

#200 I'll Call You is a muted rosy pink with mauve undertones. The pinkness of the packaging sacred me at first, but the shade is actually very wearable. It's a great shade for those of us who don't fancy going over board and tend to go for muted, cooler autumnal tones.

# 500 Kiss me You Fool, however gorgeous, didn't suit me too well. This is a true red shade, kind of tomato red with neutral to warm undertones. I definitely feel better wearing something cooler, but the shade itself is very pretty and I can visualize women with warmer skin tones looking stunning in this lipstick.

#550 Play With Fire is a kind of misnomer. This is my favourite shade in the bunch. This is a fairly dark, almost vampy shade with slight brown undertones. It's like cherry red with its dark cool tones mixed with autumnal browns. I try to wear this as sheer as possible to avoid having very dark lips but either way this shade is simply stunning.  

#550 Play With Fire

Words can't express how much I love these lipsticks. I put them on at 7am and rub my lips with a dual make-up remover, trying to get rid of them before going to bed. There's hardly any need for touch ups except for the inner part of my lip, where it naturally wears off.  Without the gloss these tend to feel dry out the lips and may accentuate dry patches. My lips are in a good condition, and I don't have any issues when wearing these lippies, but I wouldn't really recommend these to anyone suffering from dry lips.  

Rimmel Provocalips will satisfy both matte and glossy lip lovers as you can wear these both ways, though I'd definitely recommend applying the gloss to seal the colour and then letting it wear off naturally if you want matte lips. 

All in all these are a great, budget-friendly pick for those of us who work long hours without the chance to reapply lipsticks or simply for everyone who needs long-lasting results.
# 200 I'll call You

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