Saturday, 1 November 2014

Korean goodies: Too Cool For School McGirly Rice Scrub review

I got this Too Cool for School McGirly Rice Scrub in a swap with my fellow blogger Moi Sanom of 35th of May. I'm really grateful that she offered me this sample as thanks to her I discovered a lovely product that is very much up my alley. 
I've used similar scrubs before. They're a very interesting Korean concept of a cream-gel substance which in the course of rubbing it on the face coagulates and turns into very soft exfoliating granules which some bloggers, prompted by crazy product descriptions, believe to be dead skin cells. Dead skin cells of 2mm diameter? Duh! 
Those scrubs, however nice they may have been, weren't exfoliating enough.  This one is different because apart from those large, soft granules it contains tiny rice particles that do the job amazingly well without being too abrasive. My skin felt sooo soft and smooth, properly cleansed and ready to absorb my further skincare. 
I'm strongly encouraged to get this in full size when the need arises. This scrub is absolutely prefect!


  1. I am glad you like it! I dont like peeling gels, they do nothing on my skin since it is so dry. This one is the perfect mix of physical and gel type so it is very gentle and yet works! I wonder why it is not more popular?

    1. I have no idea either. Everything is fine about this product from the packaging to the content.