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Tanya Burr lip glosses in Chic, Afternoon Tea, Let's Travel The World and Vampire Kiss review

There are a couple of reasons why I got these Tanya Burr lip glosses. Curiosity was of course the main cause, but what really pushed me to make a purchase was that they were on 50% off or buy 1 get 1 free kind of offer, which rendered them even more affordable than they normally are and created a now or never situation. I was also looking for a nice nude lip colour so I thought a couple of shades from Tanya's collection might be the ones I was looking for. 

These glosses come in very nice, simple and elegant tubes made of good quality clear plastic with a black cap. The applicator is a typical flat and fluffy gloss wand which picks the right amount of product and guarantees effortless application.

Qualitywise they're a very decent drugstore product, but there's nothing out of the ordinary about them. Their formula is quite thick and not sticly or gloopy. They feel very nice, comfortable and moisturising on the lips. Some of them are opaque, some sheer, some streak-free, some go on a bit patchy. They aren't particularly long-wearing, but they don't claim to be. And they have this weird scent which seems strangely familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. Not sure whether I find the scent pleasant or not either. 

The shades I picked are:

Afternoon Tea is a pale pastel pink that is rather streaky, accentuates lip lines and fails to blend with lipstick colour. Worn on its own it's too light for my complexion and washes me out. 

Chic is one of those nudes I was hoping to like. But it turned out to be too light and peachy for my taste. It's a pastel colour on the lips which goes on streaky just as pastel nail polishes tend to do. This shade is lighter than my natural lip colour, and washes me out terribly. Worn over a darker lipstick, it reveals its patchy nature and refuses to blend well.

Let's Travel the World is a shade I didn't like at first but ended up using almost every day during the holiday. It's less opaque and pigmented than I normally like, but it proved so casual and unobliging that I carried it in my bag all the time and reapplied during the day.
The shade is a warm orange red which, being so sheer, offers mainly shine with a slight tint of colour. This is the shade I was looking for when I wanted to enter the realm of reds but was afraid to go for something bold and daring. 

Vampire Kiss is my favourite of the bunch. It's a cool toned red, with much more pigmentation than Let's Travel the World but devoid of the milky, pastel opacity which makes Chic and Afternoon Tea so unnatural and patchy. Again, it's a great shade for all red-lip newbies who want to embrace the trend.

The selling points of these lip glosses are the shade selection, affordable price and the personality and the enthusiastic attitude of their creator but they definitely aren't any kind of major breakthrough in the history of make-up.

Vampire's Kiss

Afternoon Tea
After rummaging in my stash I discovered that Vampire's Kiss is a very close dupe of Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in #12 Red My Lips. 

Dodaj napis
The packaging, the wand, the shade, the consistency, the formula and shine are all very similar, the main differences are that instead of a black cap we get a gold one and it's got a much nicer caramel-vanilla scent. 

If you're wondering whether to get this one or that, Milani is more true red and warmer and it's about half the price of Tanya Burr's gloss.

left: Milani, right: Tanya Burr 

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