Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Korean goodies: Memebox Superbox #84 Skinfood unboxing

Skinfood is the first Korean skincare brand I've tried and has been my favourite ever since.  So when I saw a Memebox devoted entirely to Skinfood I knew I had to have that one. I picked it up together with the Face Shop box and thought the Skinfood one would contain more make-up, and The Face Shop one only skincare, but, it turned out to be the other way round.
The Skinfood Memebox was a Superbox, which is the most luxurious of options with boxes holding only full-fize products and quite a large number of them. All my Superboxes so far have contained at least 6 full-size products, so when I saw only 5 in my box, I must say I was disappointed. Another thing is that even though there are a number of products I've been eyeing for a long while or even had and liked the samples of, I would much prefer to receive some products from their newer lines.
The good thing is that Memebox hasn't tried to deceive us by giving higher prices of the products on the information sheet and pretending that the box's value is way higher than it actually is.

1.I reviewed the  Facial Water Vita-C Cream here. It's basic function is to provide moisture and hydration. Contains glacier water and berry extracts. Can be used as a night pack.

2. Black Sugar Mask has also passed through my hands. You can read my review here. I'm not sure if I'm happy to have received this product as I remember not enjoying the harshness of the sugar grains. This is an exfoliator that is rich in vitamins and minerals and is to be used only occassionally (I believe it's too abrasive to be used often). I wonder if it makes a good body scrub.

3. Egg White Pore Meringue Foam is the product I'm definitely interested in. This cleanser is good for oily skin and meant to tighten pores, so it's exactly what I need. I'll start using this as soon as I finish the foam cleanser I'm currently using. 

4. Tomato Whitening Toner is made of tomatoes and is rich in vitamin C for brighter, clearer skin. 

5. Choco Eyebrow Power Cake (mine in #02 Grey Brown) is the only product I really like, even though the lighter shade is too warm-toned for my current hair colour and the dark one is too dark for my complexion and personal preferences. The powders, however, come in a lovely compact, they are beautifully creamy, apply smoothly and last all day. They're made with cacao extracts and they have a faint scent of chocolate, just like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette and Chocolate Soleil bronzer.  There's also a brush that it soo fat for my brows, but if you're an owner of bushy brows you might find this tool handy.

Overall I think this is a very poor introduction to a fabulous brand. Anyone who's new to it might consider it to be unimaginative, low-end and less fancy than other brands strongly promoted by the Memebox. The information sheet is barely informative, with only a line or two of product description.
Those who know the brand don't learn anything new about it and get a stingy number of tried and tested products that have been in circulation for years.
My Skinfood Superbox is probably the biggest Memebox disappointment so far. 

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