Thursday, 7 June 2012

Korean goodies: Skinfood Facial Water Vita-C (Cream) review

Wow! Skinfood Facial Water Vita C is a Holy Grail for oily skin.

It has a watery, gel-like consistency which makes the cream absorb immediately. It's highly moisturising without greasiness or stickiness. This cream is ideal for hot summer days, skin thirst-quenching, may be used refrigerated for extra refreshment. It's perfect under make-up, irreplaceable for oily skin in the summer. I wouldn't recommend using it in the cold of winter as it might cause discomfort and dry patches.

Will definitely get it full size, or perhaps the Vita-B version which seems to be especially targeted at oily skin.

Disclaimer: review based on a complimentary sample


  1. Do you think this is hydrating?

    1. I have oily skin and for me this was very moisturising, but for dry skin I would recommend the Vita-B variatio0n of the product.

    2. I have oily skin too, but I would like a product that really increases the water content of the skin because I use a lot of products against the oil. I was wondering if this product could help me with that without increasing the oil of my skin, or maybe you have a suggestion.

    3. I think this actually might be the right choice. I found it highly hydrating but it didn't feel greasy at all. This cream served as a lovely make-up base for me.

    4. Thank you. I already purchased it :)