Friday, 22 June 2012

Obsessed with treasure hunt

Last Sunday was beautiful! Although the weather hasn't been spoiling us this spring we were lucky enough to get a bit of sunshine! We, accompanied by our friends in another car, headed towards Koscierzyna on our treasure hunt with a hint of hangover from the previous night. We knew the area well as I used to spend my teenage holidays there so finding the characteristic signposts which were supposed to direct is to the cache was a piece of cake. The problems started when our mobile phone gps devices refused to cooperate simultaneously with our boys ( and their friend Maly Mikolaj) loosing all interest in the search for the treasure and running across village road.

That was the signal for  break time so we drove to my favourite place there, a tiny lake in the forest with such  gorgeous clear water and sandy bed. Luckily there was no one there and we could have a picnic by the lake.  The boys kicked off their shoes and jumped into the icy cold water only to ask for their wellies a couple of minutes later. 

But I felt restless. I was dissafisfied with the unsuccessful attempt to find my cache. Suddenly I has a revelation and I knew where to search. As soon as the boys tired with water and sunshine we packed them back to the car and went to the spot. Bingo! It was actually Kuba who found the cache.

I was excited like a little girl but our friends didn't seem to share my enthusiasm. They were disgusted at the idea of digging something quite dirty out and playing with it.  

Like a dog on the hunt I couldn't let go off the chance of finding something else. Our friends decided to go home and we went on a cross country trip to find some more and solve a quiz puzzle which would enable us to register our finds on the website.

And I did find another one which brought us closer to being able to set up our own cache. If it depended on me I'd spend another couple of hours roaming the forest but my commonsensical hubby ordered a retreat and off we went home. 

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