Friday, 15 June 2012

Sisley Skinleya Anti Aging Lift Foundation #01 Light Opal : review

Sisley Skinleya Anti Aging Lift Foundation

Skinleya by Sisley is one of the most expensive foundations I've had an opportunity to use and simultaneously one of the worst.

The manufacturer promises long-term effects like wrinkle treatment and immediate improvement of skin condition and appearance. A 'second skin' make-up effect, enhanced complexion, instantly smoothed and luminous skin, sign of aging and fatigue reduced in appearances are among many properties the foundation is supposed to have.
Sisley Skinleya Anti Aging Lift Foundation on NW20 skin

Unfortunately, Skinleya fails to fulfil most of these promises. 
Perhaps I shouldn't comment on the anti-aging effects as it takes time for such products to work (and I also believe it's not the major task of a foundation). 
blends well? not exactly. It virtually disappears. This is a heavy swatch!

So now for the list of reasons why I didn't like Skinleya:
- doesn't offer any decent coverage, tinted moisturisers perform better in that respect
- doesn't fight signs of fatigue simply because it's barely there
- it's neither matte nor moistirusing
- smells unpleasant

On the positive side I must admit it is lightweight, very easy to apply, doesn't accentuate pores and may be built up.

I wouldn't be so disappointed if first of all this foundation wasn't so expensive and secondly it was marketed as a tinted moisturiser. Sisley is a respectable high-end brand and such products are unacceptable for the markets they target.

The review was based on a complimentary sample

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