Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Loewe Aire Sensual: review

A sample of Aire Sensual was attached to the Glossybox in June. I've tried it and I'm sort of in two minds about it.
On the bright side, this smells like spring time. Flowers, shrubs, bushes, apple trees and all that smells lovely in full blossom locked in a bottle. It appeals to my senses a lot in this season of the year. 

The drawbacks are that this fragrance is a bit old-fashioned and might be addressed to slightly older generation mine.  Moreover, intense as it is in the beginning, it seems to evaporate quickly. It definitely doesn't linger on for ever. And finally it costs a fraction too much. If it was cheaper I'd put it on my wishlist, but with price tag comparable to Chanel or Dior, I'd rather pick some more established brands. 

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