Saturday, 16 June 2012

Korean goodies: Skinfood Royal Honey Mask - review

 Skinfood Royal Honey Mask 

Honestly, Skinfood Royal Honey Mask is a must-have for any woman who cares for her complexion. I haven't read anything about the ingredients and to be honest I can't be bothered, cause the way the mask itself works speaks for itself.
 Skinfood Royal Honey Mask 

This mask is a sort of 2-in-1 product. When you apply it it's a kind of gel-like, semi-clear liquidy sticky substance with faint sweet smell of honey. Then you're supposed to massage your face and while you do the substance sort of coagulates and little grains start to appear which function as very gentle and soft peeling. Then leave the mask on for a couple of minutes et voila! 
 Skinfood Royal Honey Mask 

The result is beautiful, refreshed, exfoliated and moisturised skin. It really works. It's absolutely perfect!
I'm sure it's suitable for all skin types, mine is oily and it did a world of good and I suppose dry skin may benefit even more.

Moreover, it's sold in a very practical packaging i.e. a bottle with a pump. I'll definitely get it full size once I've used up my Tony Moly Cappucino scrub.   

This review was based on a complimentary sample.


  1. I'm actually about to try the sample size :) I'll tell you how it works out, I'm actually quite excited

    1. Let me know if you like it! It's one of my favourite masks ever! Th3e only reason I haven't bought it full-size is that I need to use up a couple of other masks from my stash, I can't keep piling stuff cause there's no room any more!