Monday, 18 June 2012

Korean goodies: Skinfood Agave Cactus Serum

Today I'd like to review another Korean skincare product: Skinfood Agave Cactus Serum.
The sample I used was fairly small and it was enough for two applications only. Nonetheless, I  believe I can share a couple of observations with you.

First thing which is noticeable is  its liquidy consistency and the smell of alcohol. I'm sure it's supposed to help the serum to absorb or to evaporate and helps skin stay fresh. I don't mind personally, but those of you with sensitive skin might wish to know.

The serum promises to nourish and moisturise your skin and pamper it with all the goodness of agave. Although it's hard to foersee long-term effects of the serum, I can say that in the short run the cream is very moisturising. I believe it's more suitable for dry skin types cause on my oily skin it leaves a kind of dewy finish, which is really hard to take down. For those who crave for long-lasting moisturising effects this serum might actually be a Holy Grail.

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