Friday, 28 November 2014

Korean goodies: Sally's Box Friendly Collagen Eye Patch review

I though the best way to review these Sally's Box Friendly Collagen Eye Patches (from All About Eyes Memebox)  would be in the form of pros and cons. 

What I liked about these was first of all that these are eye patches. I have very dry and wrinkled eye area and I'm always on the lookout for new eye products. 
They are individually packed, each pad is marked as left and right, the instructions also say how to position these under my eyes (call me a moron, but I never know which side up).
The gel texture felt cooling and comforting under the eyes.

What I didn't like about these is that I was unable to dig the gel pads out of the blister packaging without tearing them.
They did absolutely nothing to my eye area, it didn't feel moisturised, there was no excess fluid to pat after taking the pads off, my eye area looked exactly like it did before. 
Using these was unnecessary fuss. 

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