Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream 8 in 1 rewiew & swatches

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream 8 in 1 in Hale Clair (light)

I ordered this Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream with one purpose in mind: to add to my winter foundations to adjust the tone for more tan skin. Unfortunately for this purpose this product is quite useless but I like using it nonetheless. 

So what is this product? 
This is a new release for summer 2015, which I suppose is a reformulated version of its older counterpart. The difference between these two seems that the previous one came in a bottle, while the 2015 release is sold in tubes and also the new one comes in 2 shades, instead of one. Mine is Hale Clair (light). 

It says 8 in 1 on the packaging, but I find it hard to figure out what in fact it promises to do. I gather this offers:
  •  flawless skin
  • natural looking tan
  • sun protection of SPF15
  • hydration
  • smudge proof action.
but what are the other three? No idea. 

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream 8 in 1 in Hale Clair (light)

When I first swatched this product I was taken aback by how dark it was, but luckily it blended out to very sheer golden tint (see pictures above and below). This BB cream feels very silicony, thanks to which it goes on super smooth and blends out really well. This product has hardly any coverage and definitely cannot be used instead of a foundation unless you have perfect skin. This means that it doesn't live up to the claim of flawless skin, but offers very natural tan instead. 

Bourjois BB Bronzing Cream 8 in 1 in Hale Clair (light)

This product seems like it's a melted version of their Delice Bronzing Primer, even the scent is faintly reminiscent of that product, but as if mixed with vanilla and less prominent.
This BB cream looks best when used on top of a foundation of my choice, blended out with fingers. It offers nice summery glow, but nothing over the top. This product can be blended out almost to nothing and built up to adjust to your needs. 

This is a nice products, but I personally can't find any niche this product would cover for me. I prefer bronzers and contour products to sculpt my face, self-tanning for the face to fake some tan and I really don't see where this BB cream fits in. 
As for the reason why I bought this item, I must say it doesn't work at all. It alters the texture of the foundation and is too sheer to darken the shade substantially. 

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