Saturday, 15 August 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque in #03 Brun'croyable review

I'd heard people complain about the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque liquid lipsticks. I thought they were wrong. I thought they expected the longevity of the Rouge Edition Velvets and felt dissatisfied when the new lippies weren't as long-lasting. I thought they didn't find the shade they liked. I thought they didn't experiment enough. Unfortunately they were right. Rouge Edition Aqua Laques are crap.

But good things first. 
The packaging is really nice and convenient. The glossy cap looks prettier than the original one and the doe-foot applicator is just as convenient. 
When I swatched these in the shop many of them looked so appealing and they actually swatched very well. True to the claims made in the advertising, this gloss feels as lightweight as water. 
The shade I picked is #03 Brun'croyable, which is a lovely kind of rosy brown nude.  

And that's where the advantages end and my rant begins. 
When the manufacturer gives precise instructions as to how to use a product like prepping the lips, removing any cream or balm from the lips etc. there's always something suspicious. It's as if they were insuring themselves against claims of dissatisfied users by putting the blame on them for improper use of the product. 
I feel this is exactly what I happens here.
Bourjois have incidentally made a product that may work only under special circumstances and they want us to believe this is exactly what they meant, while I expect a good product to work no matter what.

Rouge Edition Aqua Laques lack nothing in the pigmentation department, but still are so hard to use. They go on extremely unevenly, with bald patches in unexpected places. I tried different methods, with or without prepping my lips, swiping them clean with a toner, lining them with a liner, applying a matte lipstick or a  lip primer undeneath, but nothing made the Aqua Laque look good.

The product actually looks very peculiar on the lips. In some places it's opaque, in some it's sheer. The finish looks watery glossy at first, but this doesn't last long. I didn't also notice any staining. This lippie (whether this is supposed to be a gloss or a lipstick) has a fairly short wear time, which makes it even worse. 

And finally a cherry on top. This thing tastes bitter. Touch your lips with the tip of the tongue and you'll know what I'm talking about. While on my lips I enjoy cherries and strawberries, this tastes (not smells) like stout. 

I don't normally voice such strong opinions about products and I absolutely love Bourjois, but this time my advice is save your money and pass on Velvet Edition Aqua Laques.

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