Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Korean goodies: a:t Black Tea Lifting Cream, Jasoyup Tea Whitening Capsule Cream, Gyoolpy Tea Water Gel Cream and Mist review

These three 10ml cupcake tubs of face creams came in My Cute Wishlist Memebox last year. I used two of them instantly, but pulled out the last one this month to pair with an a:t fox face mist. 

The packaging, as you can see, is cute and fun. These 3 cupcakes came in identical cardboard boxes, but their actual tubs differ in colour. Each of them has a different texture and purpose.

The Black Tea Lifting Cream targets wrinkles and sagging skin. 
It was actually very nice. It was seemingly dense and thick in the jar, like chilled butter, but it melted onto the skin beautifully. There's no denying the jar is tiny, but you really only need the smallest amount of this product to cover entire face and make it feel comfortable and moisturised. The cream never feels heavy, it absorbs within seconds, leaving the my face noticeably soft and smooth.

I have oily skin and I find it hard to find Korean skincare that wouldn't make me look greasy instead of glowing. This one was perfect for me, even though it definitely didn't display any mattifying properties. It sort of balanced the production of sebum and made my skin look so nice.

The Jasoyup Tea Whitening Capsule Cream is a combination of a moisturising creamand a whitening essence for clearer and glowing skin.
It had the weirdest texture ever. It looked like gel with curdled particles in it. The cream had very lightweight consistency, applied smoothly and absorbed really fast. It moisturised my skin perfectly well, but left this kind of dewy-sticky finish which doesn't  work well under make-up on my oily skin. I think this is a great day cream for dry skin types and a nice night moisturiser for oilier ones.

The Gyoolpy Tea Water Gel Cream has a high content of vitamin C extracted from Gyoolpy tea to nourish, moisturise and refresh the skin. 
I like its lightweight gel-cream formula, it goes on so smoothly and makes my skin feel soo soft. The drawback is that it leaves my skin tacky even after it's fully absorbed, which is a major disadvantage for an oily skin owner. I mainly use this cream at night and it serves me well as a night time moisturiser.

I've also paired the gel cream with a matching face mist, the Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water.  This product is made from mineral water infused with tangerine peel tea, which is known for brightening and moisturising properties. 
It's a lovely mist that comes in fun packaging, equipped with a good quality dispenser, which sprays fine mist. I like to use this to set my make-up or to refresh my face during the day.
Pleasantly scented and moisturising, the mist brings relief on hot days or when I simply feel tired.  

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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