Sunday, 30 August 2015

Korean goodies: Original Raw Deluxe Kit review

I got this intriguing box of Original Raw deluxe samples in a Memebox and pulled it put this summer to use while travelling.
The box consists of something that I took for a foam cleanser, but it turned out to be a cleanser, but of a different kind. There's also an essence and a sunscreen.

Black Bubble is a black liquid which you apply all over your face and within a minute or so it turns to foam whose bubbles deep cleanse throughout the face. It reminds me of eg. Etude House Magic Bubble o2 Water Peeling Pack. I really like the results of this cleanser's action. My skin is visibly softer and smoother and it's thoroughly cleansed without feeling dry afterwards.

Chan-mool Patting Essence is a jelly-textured essence that promises to brighten, moisturise and tighten up the skin. This essence is to be used instead of a toner and applied in a patting motion. It feels very lightweight on the skin, absorbs easily without any tacky feeling. I feel it preps my skin nicely for further skincare, but is it indespensable? Probably not.

One Stop Combination Cream SPF50+ PA+++ is the product I ike the least. It's a cream that looks like toothpaste, it's white with tiny gray or black specks that do not feel like granules, neither do they turn beige like some BB/CC creams do. The consistency is quite thick and the product feels rather greasy on the face, which doesn't agree with my oily skin type. It might work as a body sunscreen, but I don't go to the beach all that often this year.  

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