Monday, 24 August 2015

Garnier Ultra Doux shampoo and conditioner with beer yeast and pomegrenate review

For the past couple of years I've been using mostly high-end hair care, but I've been making frequent diversions towards drugstore products as well. A year or two ago I bought a Garnier Ultra Doux with Provensal herbs, which I liked a lot, so now I picked a volumising duo with beer yeast and pomegrenate for thin, flat hair.
This is the worst shampoo ever. 
A volumising shampoo is so easy to make. Just strip your hair of all moisture, create a tangly mess, make your hair go all frizzy, et voila! This is exactly how this Ultra Doux shampoo works: it transforms your hair into one big dreadlock after a single wash, then you spend an hour trying to comb your hair and during which activity you pull most of it out, and end up with a lacklustre unmanageable near Afro style. The volume is undeniably there, but does it look good?

The conditioner, on the other hand, isn't bad. It does its best to save the day, but nothing can combat the amount of frizz and tangliness the shampoo gives. It's also not very efficient as I need to pack a ton of product on my hair to make it manageable. 

I'm keeping the conditioner and passing the shampoo on to my mum as I suspect this might actually work on her thick, naturally straight and sleek hair. I might also try to wash my brushes with this.

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