Sunday, 2 August 2015

Made in Poland: Bebeauty Micellar Water review

I have a love and hate relationship with micellar solutions. I use them on a daily basis, but I don't trust them to remove my make-up. My main purpose of keeping them on my shelf is to remove fall out from under my eyes without making the area greasy. I don't have enough patience to remove my mascara by rubbing my eyes countless times with cotton pads and micellar solutions don't have enough power to remove mascara in a single swipe.
That's why my expectations towards micellar solutions are quite limited. I started my adventure with this type of product from the French pharmacy ones, but then as the popularity of micellar waters spread I started reaching for drugstore ones, like Garnier, which were no worse than Vichy and Bioderma and now I've reached for a supermarket own brand Bebeauty Micellar Water. 

Bebeauty is a brand owned by a Polish supermarket chain Biedronka, the main competitor of Lidl. In fact the product is made by Torf Corporation, which owns a Polish brand Tolpa. This Bebeauty Micellar Water retails for about $2, while the same water sold under Tolpa logo costs at least $5. 

What I want to say is that if you're not looking for outstanding quality and design, why not reach for the cheapest option? Bebebeauty performed just as well as any other solution, wiping any make-up fallout from under my eyes without making the area feel greasy or overy dry. Great job! Money saved. Will definitely repurchase.   

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