Monday, 17 August 2015

Made in Poland: On self-tanning products by Bielenda

I've always trusted Polish brands as far as my body care was concerned, and this year I decided to explore a tanning range from Bielenda. The first product that caught my eye and encouraged me to explore the self-tanning range was a product which is unique not only on Polish but also on global market.

Bielenda Argan Bronzer is a product which is similar in concept to Clarins Golden Glow Booster, which I used last year, but while the Clarins is to be used solely when mixed with a moisturiser of your choice, the Bielenda one may be used on its own. 
'What this product is, is tanning drops that you apply on your face for natural golden tan. This product, as I've already said, may be used on its own or mixed with any other medium like a moisturiser or facial oil. I've been using these on their own as I found this method most fuss-free, but all other ways of application are just as effective. 
The first thing you notice is the gorgeous argan oil scent. The drops are thick in consistency and resemble a facial oil, but they absorb super fast, leaving a kind of satin finish. I have oily skin and generally prefer to use such products at night, but even during the day they didn't turn my face into an oil slick.

After using these drops, no matter how many, my skin looks radiant, warm and naturally tan. 

Now, how does this product compare to it's high-end brother? 
Clarins costs at least £19 and smells of alcohol and can only be used with a face cream.
Bielenda sells at approximately £3, smells heavenly and may be used whichever way you like.
Both offer warm glow without looking fake, streaky, patchy, unnaturally orange. Both can be built up, but neither of them will make you look like a member of a different race.

The bottom line is: if you're ever in Poland, get Bielenda Argan Bronzer, you won't be disappointed.

Encouraged by my experience with Argan Bronzer I grabbed another tanning product by Bielenda, their Magic Bronze mousse. I was really curious to try this out cause tanning mousses are my favourite kinds of self-tanners with my favourites being those by St.Tropez and also this kind of formula is totally new on Polish market and hardly any local brand has tried their hands at creating a mousse.

So, let me start with the good things first. 
The foam is very lightweight, smells beautiful, absorbs within seconds. 
The bad things are that the product isn't tinted, which makes it harder to apply evenly and it doesn't tint my body instantly. Compared to St. Tropez, Magic Bronze leaves a more golden tan, which may be pretty on warmer skin tones, but on mine looks less natural.
The shade I picked is light, I should have chosen the dark option as it would require less building up.
The tan lasts only for a couple of days on me, but no tan holds on to my skin, I have to reapply every other day no matter what brand and what it claims to do. 

To summarise, this isn't bad, but St. Tropez remains a winner for me.

And finally, a bronzing body butter, which was a present from my mum. I must admit that I really like this product. It performs its basic skincare function perfectly. It applies smoothly, absorbs fast and moisturises my skin nicely. On top of that it gives my skin this nice golden glow, when used on its own, and helps prolong the fake tan I applied a day or two earlier. 
This product smells nice on its own and doesn't make my body smell like a biscuit the day after.

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