Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Great cosmetic underdogs:Sephora Metamorphosis exfoliating powder review

Today I'm starting a new series of posts about great products by more or less recognizable brands which for some reasons no one talks about. 
What prompted me to broach the topic of underdogs was the discovery of my Holy Grail exfoliator of all times, which put all other exfoliating methods to question, and which, in spite of its revolutionary nature, is hardly spoken about.

Sephora Metamorphosis Exfoliating Powder is a product similar in its concept to Cover FX Custom Drops. This is a tub of finely milled powder which you sift onto the palms of your hands, mix with water or any cleanser of your choice, rub your hands to create a foam and massage onto your face.
The powder is super fine and it dissolves as you carry on rubbing it on your face. The texture reminds me a bit of washing powder, but it's not as gritty. I've noticed that when used alone this takes more time to dissolve and thus is more effective, but also more abrasive, that's why it is recommended  to use this product this way once a week. However, when mixed with any Korean foam cleanser, which I stick to like crazy, the granules melt quicker and are softer, so this can be used daily.

This powder contains salicylic acid, which is responsible for refining skin's texture, iluminating and smoothing the complexion. My skin feels nice and soft afterwards and I never experienced any irritation. 
The tub is easy to use and very convenient. It contains 40g of product, which will last for a year or more. This product has put the need for any other exfoliating products to question. I'll use up the Korean ones I received in my Memeboxes, but I don't think I'll be buying a face scrub any time soon.
All in all, I love this product and I believe it deserves way more attention than it's currently got. 


  1. I have never heard of this product, thanks for sharing it ! It seems like a must have & its such a unique concept. I'll definitely check it out next time in Sephora, what's the price ?

    1. About $15. I really don't understand why Sephora makes no attempts to turn this into a bestseller.