Friday, 21 August 2015

Something Japanese: Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Eye Cream review

Shiseido eye creams make the very top of my all all-time-favourites list. Before I bought Bio-Performance I took samples of this one and Benefiance from Sephora countless number of times. I liked both of them, but what decided about my choice was definitely the packaging, which in practice turned out to be both an advantage and a vice.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Eye Cream promises to counteract tired look that can be attributed to age. This is supposed to lift eye contours, reduce wrinkles and minimize dark circles.
I'm not so sure about this, but one thing is certain: this cream moisturises the eye area incredibly well and through providing the right level of hydration smoothes out wrinkles and prevents new ones from happening.

The cream has lightweight consistency which applies really well, absorbs fast, and keeps the area moisturised throughout the day or night.

The cream comes in a futuristic golden capsule-like packaging, equipped with a pump, which ensures the right dosage and hygene. 
The problem with this packaging is that it's unnecessarily bulky and there's no way of knowing how much product is left, which gave me fits of panic that I was going to be left without an eye cream and which actually did happen with my new eye cream still in transit. 

Shiseido Bio-Performance is one of the best eye treatments my dry eye area has ever seen. But next time I'll get Benefiance instead, just to compare these two.

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