Thursday, 7 February 2013

Affordable make-up: NYX single eyeshadows in True Taupe (ES80A), Taupe Pearl (ES129A), Root Beer (ES13)

The three eyeshadows above are my first experiment with NYX eyeshadows and I must say that this is just the beginning of my NYX eyeshadow collection. I absolutely loved the design, the shades, the quality and the price.

The eyeshadows come in pretty black cases with see-through window. Each of them looks a bit like a tile of coffer ceiling, very pretty and sophisticated. 

The shades I chose are: True Taupe (matte), Taupe Pearl (metallic) and Root Beer (shimmer). 

NYX single eyeshadow in True Taupe
True Taupe is a shade which looks kind of plain in the pan and when swatched. It's a matte and rather light taupe, which I'd never pick as my base colour. However, it makes my favourite shade to use above the crease as a transition colour. It's darker than any nude highlight colour but lighter than other light browns I have. It makes a perfect match for my fair complexion and combines well with a number of eyeshadows.
I really love the quality of the eye shadow. It's soft, but not powdery, applies in a smooth, almost creamy way. A big surprise, really, considering the price! 

NYX single eyeshadow in Taupe Pearl
Taupe Pearl is softer and a little bit more powdery, but it applies really nicely on the lid. It's super pigmented and provides saturated colour. The shade is a very pretty metallic taupe. There are different taupes and this one belongs to a rather cool-toned family, which I happen to like very much. Again, this eyeshadow is a real winner.
NYX single eyeshadow in Root Beer

And finally, Root Beer. I have no idea how to describe the shade but I know it's exceptionally pretty and very unique. I've got dozens of neutrals but nothing quite like this. It's kind of greige and described as shimmer, though I see it more as satin cause the shimmer is not pronounced at all.
This eyeshadow is a bit harder and when swatched seemed to be lacking in the pigmentation department, but  it performs surprisingly well. Root Beer makes a perfect crease/outer corner shade and looks beautiful applied all over the lid.

I love all the three shades equally well. They are gorgeous neutral colours for cool-toned, fair complexions. I'm desperate to get more!

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.


  1. I have been wanting to try out the NYX single shadows as I have heard a lot about them. I would definitely want to swatch before buying them though.

    1. Exactly. I fear the quality of these may vary substantially. Out of the 3 above Root Beer is my favourite shadewise but it's the worst one as far as quality is concerned. Unfortunately, there's no way to try them out before making an order cause they're unavailable in any stores here.