Monday, 11 February 2013

Yasumi Micellar Liquid 3in1 review

I'm not a fan of micellar solutions but since I got this one by Yasumi (a French brand I've never heard of) in one of my Glossyboxes, I obviously gave it a go.

The only thing I really liked about this solution was the smell. Pleasant, fresh, not too strong, not to faint.
I quite enjoyed using it as a refreshing toner. Because of the smell mainly.

But this substance promises to cleanse, tonify and remove make-up. While it was ok as a toner, it did nothing to cleanse my face or even less to remove make-up. I gave it time to dissolve my eye make-up by holding a soaked cotton pad on my eyelid for quite some time and my make-up didn't budge. Good quality make-up, bad quality micellar solution.

As I've already said, I prefer oil-based make-up removers to the micellar ones, but for sure there are some which really work. Yasumi Micellar Liquid doesn't. Don't waste your money on this one, it's not worth a single penny.

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