Thursday, 28 February 2013

Too Faced Matte Eye palette review

I got Too Faced Matte Eye palette a while ago but somehow I couldn't get round to writing a review. The reason is that I feel slightly indifferent about the palette and I didn't feel excited enough to write about it.

The palette comes in a nice cardboard box which opens up to reveal 3 rows of complimentary eyeshadows which can be used to create 3 different looks. The base/highlighter shades are of enormous size, while the remaining ones are so small you can barely fit a brush in there. All of the shades are matte and muted shades of browns, blues and grays.
I believe they are quite pretty but I'm not totally sure whether strictly matte make-up appeals to my taste. All the looks I've created looked kind of boring to me and instead of "ooomph' effect I got sort of "plane Jane" looks.  

As far as quality is concerned, there's nothing bad I can say about these eyeshadows. They're soft, but not powdery at all, therefore, there is hardly any fall out when using them. I never put anything on my eyes without a primer, so over a primer they last all day. The only issue is that they're not the best-blending shadows in history, but again, this is quite typical of matte eyeshadows.

The first sequence of shadows can be used to create what is called a "day look".
The shades are: Tufted Suede, which is a kind of camel colour to me, definitely meant to be a base shadow cause it's way too dark for a highlighter.
Chinchilla is a very pretty medium brown.
Coffee Bean is a very dark brown, the name is very self-explanatory.
These shades seem very neutral to me, they're neither too orange or too red. I would describe the level of their pigmentation as medium.

left to right: Tufted Suede, Chinchila, Coffee Bean
And here's what I made out of the first row trio: 

The second row is called Classic. It consists of a white shade (Velveteen Bunny), which is rather on the sheer side, a gorgeous blue-toned gray (Pebbles), which is absolutely my favourite one out off all shades in the palette. It's beautifully pigmented and applies without any fall out. The last one, called London Fog, is a dark navy blue 

left to right:Velveteen Bunny, Pebbles, London Fog

This row was rather pigmented (except the white one) and really good to work with.
You can see these shades on my right eye below, on the left one I applied the shadows from the bottom row.

fashion look (left eye) classic look (right eye)

fashion look (left eye) classic look (right eye)

And the final row, called Fashion. 
When I was looking at the swatches of these eyeshadows, before buying the palette, I felt particularly attracted by the middle shade, called Vintage Violet. Although theoretically there's nothing wrong about the shadow, it somehow doesn't look as georgeous as I'd expected.

The first shade on the left is called Fresh Linen, which is a pale pink shade. A good highlight colour for my complexion. Next comes the aforementioned Vintage Violet. It's a unique shade, which is a cross between lilac, violet and mauve. Unfortunately, when applied it turned muddy and didn't display any apparent colour. I expected something more spectacular. There's a slight, barely perceptible shimmer, which I suppose is meant to prevent the shade from looking flat.The last one, called Midnight, is a dark charcoal gray. The level of pigmentation rises from left to right.

left to right: Fresh Linen, Vintage Velvet, Midnight

To sum up:
I liked how the shades compliment one another. It's possible to create a variety of looks, not only those described in the "look cards" which come with the palette and which I've forgotten to mention before. I also like the fact that the shadows last all day over a primer.

What I didn't like was their sheerness and that the looks created with the shadows were kind of muddy and boring. I really enjoyed playing with Pebbles, but others didn't excite me much. 

It's a nice palette for matte eyeshadow lovers or neutrals lovers, but if I were to give anyone advice which matte, neutral palette to get, I'd definitely opt for Lorac Pro palette. 

Disclaimer: I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. I am not paid to do this review and everything I said here is my genuine opinion.

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