Saturday, 2 February 2013

Blumarine Innamorata bath set review

I received this set in my January Glossybox. I found the box generally disappointing but of course bath and and body products are always welcome and give me the opportunity to try out more high-end products which I never go for as far as my body care is concerned.

The set was packed in a beautiful organza bag and consists of a shower gel and a body lotion.
I must admit that both products are of noticeably high quality. I can actually feel how moisturised and smooth my skin is during the shower and after using the lotion.
The gel is a clear and runny substance which foams nicely, therefore a little goes a long way.
The lotion is lightweight, applies smoothly and absorbs quickly, leaving my skin looking and feeling good.

The only thing I don't like about both of them is the smell. It smells quite heavily of..... soap. Not the best choice of smell for a product like this. I'd much appreciate something fruity or floral cause this smell makes me feel like I'm using a product targeted at ladies within 70 upwards age bracket. I don't even think my own grandma would have enjoyed this kind of smell, at the age of 90 she was still too young for that. 

Whether you like a smell or not is a matter of  personal preference, some may like it, some not. Objectively both products are of exceptional quality. However, I will not purchase them for many reasons, apart from the smell. First of all, these products are hard to get, I could try TK Maxx or getting them on-line but I don't think they're worth the fuss, and secondly they're far beyond by body care budget. 

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