Monday, 18 February 2013

Nivea purifying peel off mask for combination skin review

Today I'd like to review another Nivea face mask which I won in a Nivea competition a couple of months ago.
Nivea peel-off mask is a clear gel which you apply all over your face (avoiding eye areas, of course) and let it dry. Then you peel it off your face.
I must say it's a nice mask, peeling off is not a painful activity (like in the case of the Korean blackheads-out ones I've tried) but still I don't quite understand the need to remove the mask by peeling it off your face, which is time consuming and unnecessary. It says on the packaging that the mask purifies, reduces shine and refreshes, but it says nothing about exfoliation. So why bother to peel it off? Nivea white clay mask does the same job without all this fuss.

The mask is sold in sachets (2 sachets for two applications) which in case of my previous masks were large enough to be used more than two times. This one was barely enough to be used once.

The mask has a very pleasant smell and made my face look smooth and soft. However, I won't be purchasing this one on regular basis because I just don't like the peel off kind of masks.


  1. Wow, I didn't even know that Nivea made masks. Must a region-unique thing. The thing with peel-off masks is that they advertise them as being easy, so you don't have to spend time trying to scrub your face off (although it failed according to your review). The other reason could be that they just want to put out a product that's different from their other masks, to draw in more customers.

    1. I guess you're right. I'm sure there are women who like peel-off masks and who are less clumsy than me. It got into my brows and it took a certain amount of time to peel fragments of the mask from between the hairs.