Friday, 20 March 2015

Bourjois Nude Sensation foundation in #42 Rose Nude review & swatches

I've been on a bit of a foundation kick recently. I've bought a number of different high and low end foundations, each of them different, and I loved every single one of them. As if that wasn't enough I reached for what I expected to be a cherry on top, but in fact turned out to be a rotten egg in my newly acquired recently-released plethora of foundations.
The new Bourjois Nude Sensation foundation attracted my attention because it comes in a jar and I currently don't own any foundation like that and what's more it made 3 claims that I believe are of fundamental importance for me: flawless complexion, refined pores and fine lines smoothed.
The foundation comes in the same jar as their previously released bronzing base and I dare say this is exactly the same product, just differently tinted. I believe this is a primer, not a foundation.

Let me go through my impressions:
I first applied this product with a brush, using both stippling and circular motions.

  • One layer - no coverage to be seen, optical blur present, silicone feel, pleasant floral scent.
  • Two layers - still no coverage, redness and discolouration exactly where it was, skin looks smoother and if I applied a filter
  • Three layers - still no coverage, but product settles in the pores. Fortunately it was possible to even everything out by just smoothing the foundation with my hands. At this point I realized that I cannot go any further building this thing up and that hands are the best tool to apply this. Shade 42 Rose Nude has a whitening/brightening effect on my NW20 skin.
This product is sheerer than ANY foundation, tinted moisturiser, BB/CC cream I've used. To my mind this is a primer, just like the bronzing base, which can be worn alone on perfect skin to add some refined polish to it or as a smoothing and matifying primer. However, when tested as a primer I don't think this product displayed any ability to prolong wear time of my foundation, facilitate application or prevent oiliness. 

I think it's not difficult to decipher what I've been trying to say throughout this review. Don't buy this. This is not a matter of a personal preference, skin type or tone. This just can't work. Don't waste your money and get any Bourjois liquid foundation instead.

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