Saturday, 21 March 2015

Korean goodies: Tosowoong Acne Cleansing Foam review

Tosowoong is a brand I've learnt about thanks to my Memebox adventure. Some  products were kind of 'meh' for me,  but some were actually very nice, like the Acne Cleansing Foam I'm about to review. You can read what it does in the description below and I'll just focus on my personal impressions.

I really like Korean foam cleansers but a lot of them tend to strip my face of any moisture, so I was quite afraid that a product marketed as acne treatment for summer time will leave my skin parched dry. To my surprise it turned out to be not as drying as other products of this kind. 

This cleanser is a thick pearly, nicely fragranced gel which lathers well, creating a thick foam that cleans the skin really well. I don't think this prevented any hormonal breakouts I've been experiencing lately, but it certainly helped my skin regenerate and look more smooth and even in spite of those horrible bumps that were protruding on my forehead as if I was growing horns.

The full size tube is rather small (100ml) as the regular size of such products is 150-200ml so I was under the impression that I went through this faster than in case of other similar products, but it may just be because it's smaller.

Overall, it's a good choice if you're looking for a good cleanser, but if I were to choose I'd buy something by Etude House or Skinfood or other market leader which would be twice as big for the same money.  

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