Sunday, 8 March 2015

Korean goodies: Skinfood Egg White Pore Meringue Foam review

I'm a great fan of Korean foam cleansers which I use after my oil cleanser to remove any oily residue and traces of make-up from my face. Most of them leave my skin squeaky clean, make my pores smaller, prevent breakouts and help control sebum production but they can strip your skin of all moisture so I wouldn't recommend them for dry skin types. 

Skinfood Egg White Pore Meringue Foam, however, is different from all other cleansers I've used so far.
It comes in a large bottle with a manual pump which produces lightweight mousse-type foam.
I must say I don't quite like the packaging as the bottle is heavy and bulky, definitely not travel-friendly.

There hardly any claims on the packaging and the information sheet apart from cleansing without dehydrating, but the name of the product itself 'egg white pore' made my expectations drift towards some pore tightening results but there are none. 

This is a fairly gentle, lightweight, faintly scented cleanser which served well as the second step of my cleansing routine, but didn't give me the sensation of utter cleanliness which other cleansers do, neither did it clear nor diminish my pores, not to mention any sebum control.
But on the positive note I must say that it was less drying than other Korean cleansers and left a sort of film on my face which drier skin types would definitely appreciate.  


  1. Pump type foam cleansers are my favorite! I have never used this one though

    1. I've used 2 so far and I liked them, but didn't get obsessed with this type of cleanser