Friday, 6 March 2015

L'Oreal False Lash Wings (a.k.a Butterfly) Intenza mascara review

I'm a great fan of the original L'Oreal False Lash Wings mascara, both in their regular and waterproof versions. Their brush and formula did the trick for me and provided me with some rather dramatic volume. So when I saw False Lash Wings Intenza I concluded this mascara would offer even more volume, length and colour.

The packaging looks very similar, but the brush is different. While the original one looked a bit like a wing, this one is symmetrical and resembles a flattened star in diameter. 
I see no apparent reason why this brush would work better or worse than the original one, but I feel that the curvy shape of the original fitted the shape of the eye more successfully and made it possible to run the brush from the very roots of the lashes up. It was also slimmer, which made it more handy.

But I think the devil actually lies in the formula or the combination of the formula and the brush. In case of Intenza something didn't work. I needed a good couple of coats to build up the volume and the result was super clumpy lashes pointing in all directions. What's more the formula was crumbly, I kept having black- flakes-in-the-eye-area issue, my make-up looked very worn-out towards the end of the day and finally the mascara dried out within about 3 months.

I may have bought a bad one, but my experience prevents me from exploring this line any further, but I'll return to my beloved False Lash Wings in their original version with great pleasure. 

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